Burst Studio is a creative studio producing social media content. We design innovative formats and produce strategies to meet new challenges faced in the ever more scattered attention of the audience.
Get to know us
Who are we

We design innovative format and produce strategies to meet new challenges faced in the ever more scattared attention of the audience.

What do we do?

Burst Studio helps its clients to produce materials suitable to their audience and goals. Collaborating with Burst Studio, client’s brands will develop a stronger personality through the displaying of their values.

How does it work?

In the collaboration process there will be continual dialogue between Burst Studio and the client from conception and writing process to art direction and campaigns.

Why Burst?

We want to burst the filter bubbles in social media by featuring content the client’s audience today do not have visibility of in their personal news feeds.


Arnaud Pessey
Editorial director

Hi, My name is Arnaud, in charge of the strategy and editorial direction of Burst studio. My background is in journalism and I worked as tech journalist. I started working in communication to help startups to connect with their community. With Alain, we want to develop new formats that reflects our generation.

Hi, I'm Alain, creative director of Burst studio. After working in an advertising agency in London, I became an independent photographer. Published in the Huffington Post, The Times and Le Figaro, I decided to develop my photography style to video and art direction. I believe that graphic components are important narrative elements. With Burst, we want to bring the best of the documentary to your smartphones.

Alain Mbouche
Creative director
Creative direction
Content creation
Branding strategy
Social media
Editorial design